Our History
The North Coventry Volunteer Fire Department has been providing fire supression and emergency medical services since 1947 to the Town of Coventry. We operate out of 2 fire stations; 3427 Main St and 999 Merrow Rd, Coventry, CT. Our fleet of equipment includes two engine tanks, one engine, one heavy rescue, a light duty rescue, a quick response medical vehicle and a forestry truck.
The duties of the North Coventry Fire Department are not limited to fire supression. It also includes emergency medical services, HAZMAT operations, technical rescue, vehicle extrication, ice rescue and mutual aid to surrounding departments. The men and women of NCFD are classified as first responders in that they are certified to the MRT or EMT level and respond to calls for services either in emergency vehicles or their own personal vehicles.
The North Coventry Fire Department is certified to the Mobile Intensive Care level and are therefore responsible for initiating and providing patient care and preparing the patient for transport by the ambulance. As MIC providers we are also responsible for administration of ephinephrine, defibrillation, and aspirin.
Our membership consists of dedicated men and women who respond to calls and attend mandatory training sessions required by OSHA, NFPA and the State of Connecticut. Members logged over 1750 hours of training to meet these requirements and provide a professional service to the residents and visitors of Coventry.


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