Fire Officers 

 Car 11 (Fire Chief)  Ray Eldridge Jr                                                                                                               
 Car 111 (Deputy Fire Chief)  Chuck Beecher
 Car 211 (Assistant Chief)  DJ Fidiela
 Car 311 (First Captain)  Currently Open
 Car 411 (Second Captain)  Beth Mancini
 Car 511 (First Lieutenant)  Josh Ziel
 Car 611 (Second Lieutenant)  Leighia Rich

Board of Directors  

President John Alosky                                                           
Vice President Stephen Curtiss
Recording Secretary   Jodie Mitchell
Treasurer Mike Heimer
Financial Secretary Beth Mancini
Members At Large Kristin Lankton
Fire Chief Ray Eldridge Jr
Deputy Chief Chuck Beecher
Assistant Chief DJ Figiela


Home Page 

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